"Oats have been with human civilizations for thousands of years! They have helped warriors get strong, kings and queens wise and was a heart warming meal that provided many nutritional benefits. Travel back to the past and discover those ancient civilisations with your hearty bowl of oatmeal!" 
In this day an age with all the processed food available, sugar filled cereal is extremely popular among kids. Kids are immediately captured by the bright and colourful designs that are typically found on sugar-filled cereal. However, healthier alternatives are always marketed towards a more mature audience. As such, and as part of a university course project, I rebranded a Lebanese brand's oats packaging to offer kids a healthy break-fast option, that is both eye-catching and educational. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Ce projet est réaliser en école d'art durant ma license en Graphisme.
This is a university project that was done during my Bachelor's program in Graphic Design.
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