With the birth of televised ads and the use of music, the Sacem museum in France held a virtual exhibition "Musique et Pub!" paying tribute to its 50 years old archive. With all the contracts and videos available, we were tasked during a master's course at LISAA Paris to create printable objects revolving around those archives while elevating the experience through AR.
When approaching this subject, we decided to create stylised vinyl covers since the archived ads include music from the late 20th century. All 6 chapters from the website were grouped into 4 vinyls, and were illustrated with the usage of line art, saturated colours, pictograms and subtle textures to help reinforce a retro aesthetic from that era.​​​​​​​
Each vinyl cover differs in terms of elements and has hints of their respective decade in the illustrations. To make those objects more immersive and dynamic, each cover is animated and powered with Augmented Reality through the use of the overly application.
On the inside, each vinyl cover has a side where you find the chapter title and introduction. In addition, a bi-fold booklet with all the articles is found as an insert, which functions as well as a small poster. 
On the opposite side, a screen like cut-out that reveals the disc with the AR marker in the middle (the marker being the title of the article).
Ce projet est un projet de groupe réaliser en école d'art durant mon Master en direction artistique.
This is a university group project that was done during my Masters program in art direction.
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